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Derelict's logo
Derelict's logo
The entrance to DERELICT
The entrance to DERELICT
Derelict stop.jpg
DJ booth at EXPLR venue
DJ booth at EXPLR venue
Signal 04 event poster
Signal 04 event poster
EXPLR_02 Poster
EXPLR_02 Poster


European VR club with focus on fresh, innovative experiences. Founded by Reuven and YutaKi.

"We provide a platform for hidden gems within the underground musical scene. Unorthodox and unbound by rules or restrictions."

Reuven's take on DERELICT and the VRchat rave scene


DERELICT hosts 2 types of events: SIGNAL and EXPLR. Each has its own world.


  • SIGNAL is the main event series, hosted in an abandoned warehouse. It offers the audience a choice to dance or take a back seat on the sidelines and simply enjoy the music.


  • EXPLR is focused on experimental music and visuals. Hosted in an underground research facility at an undisclosed location, a mysterious cube affects the audience's perception of reality in strange ways...
"We are surrounded by tons of different sounds.
We get fascinated, touched, intrigued, surprised,
sometimes put off by some or even revolted by others.

But no matter what the reaction is, our senses enjoy
those moments, learn through them and uncover new.
Derelict has a mission.
A mission of how to trigger your senses,
let you discover new and experience the unknown.

Because the experience is what stays with you eternally,
hence we are handing you over our next piece in that mission.
An event series called “EXPLR”.
Exploration of music and sound,
that wouldn’t normally be played at a club.

Or would it?
There are no rules.

We kindly ask you to try, to listen, to experience. 
Close your eyes, and immerse yourself in music.

No distractions.
That includes conversations.

We hope you'll enjoy the surprise.
We’re very eager to hear your feedback.

Love & Rave
The Derelict team"

Event information

  • Timezone: CET
  • Set durations: 1h
  • Event frequency: 1 per month
  • Instance type: Friends+
  • Genres: All electronic genres, Metal


  • No very poor avatars
  • No NSFW content
  • No very large avatars
  • Only EXPLR: No talking inside the cube