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VRChat DJ Firescaw is an enthusiastic DJ known for their captivating performances within the virtual world of VRChat. With a passion for future bass music, Firescaw creates an immersive and energetic atmosphere that keeps club-goers coming back for more. As a self-proclaimed "rave bunny," Firescaw embraces the vibrant and energetic nature of the EDM scene, infusing their sets with contagious energy and positive vibes.

Musical Style

Firescaw's musical style encompasses a diverse range of genres, with a primary focus on Kawaii future bass, Festival future bass, and Complextro. These genres offer a unique and energetic sound that captivates listeners and ignites the dance floor. Kawaii future bass combines the sweetness of J-pop with the futuristic and bass-heavy elements of EDM. Firescaw infuses their sets with adorable melodies, playful vocal chops, and bouncy beats, creating an irresistibly charming atmosphere. Future bass takes inspiration from the high-energy vibes of music festivals. Firescaw expertly crafts sets that feature anthemic melodies, massive drops, and euphoric build-ups, evoking a sense of celebration and unity within the virtual club scene. Complextro is a genre characterized by complex and intricate sound design, combining elements of electro-house, dubstep, and glitch hop. Firescaw's mastery of this genre shines through in their sets, as they deliver mind-bending basslines, glitchy synths, and unpredictable rhythmic patterns, keeping the audience on their toes and creating an exhilarating sonic experience. Whether it's the adorable and catchy tunes of Kawaii future bass, the festival-like energy of future bass, or the intricate and dynamic sounds of Complextro, Firescaw's musical style is a fusion of these genres that leaves a lasting impression on all who experience their performances.


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