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Vibe Tribe VR logo
Vibe Tribe VR logo


Vibe Tribe VR is a friendly European VR rave club. Its history dates back to December 2020 when it was a VRChat world hosting DJ live streams, popups and informal events. Dr. Nope & Realmlist worked together to launch VTVR as a club in March 2021 with the aim of making the VR rave scene accessible to European ravers and DJs, particularly beginner DJs, during a time when the scene was predominantly American and Japanese. In that spirit, it has since then supported the founding of many other independent VR rave clubs, including HYPERNOVA, KÝUUB, _CMOS, CYPHER, HELLSCREAM & others. Its flagship music event, Sound Empire, continues to maintain a policy promoting beginner VR DJs while also showcasing experienced talents. Today it continues to be a fun & friendly community that welcomes all ravers and DJs, newcomers and seasoned veterans alike.

Event information

  • Timezone: European
  • Set durations: 1 hour
  • Event frequency: Twice monthly
  • Instance type: Friends+


Happy Hardcore, Hardstyle, Breakcore, Uptempo, Hardbass, Speedcore, Dariacore, Freeform, Schranz, DnB, Jungle, Techno, Neuro, Darkcore, Funkot, Hard House, Hard Techno, Techno, Reggaetek, UK Garage & many more


Vibe Runner

VTVR’s current flagship venue, often referred to as ‘That Cyberpunk Place’, featuring a rave space on the rooftop amidst a dystopian metropolis.

Vibe Rider

“That Mad Max place”. A mobile party onboard a post-apocalyptic convoy driving across a desert wasteland.


A chill space set in a cyberpunk izakaya (Japanese street bar) dedicated to VTVR’s Endurance event & Popups

Vibe Beacon

A dark rave club set in a desolate lighthouse dedicated to popups and celebrating birthdays

Vibe Rush

An underground rave club set in a derelict cyberpunk subway station.

Vibe Breakout

Raving while escaping from a maximum security cyberpunk prison.

Vibe Tribe VR Live DJ Club

VTVR’s original venue, now open for general use by the wider VR rave community for parties and popups.


  • No very poor avatars
  • No NSFW content